How to rejuvenate your eyes without surgery!

The eyes are one of the hardest areas of the face to treat. They are a huge concern for people of all ages whether it be dark circles, puffiness or crow’s feet, it is an area that my clients regularly flag up and want advice on. We tend to abuse our eye area regularly with lots of make-up, yet we spend less time cleansing and exfoliating the area due to the skin being thinner in these areas. The skin around the eyes is 10 times thinner than any other area on the body, so you’re right to not go too crazy exfoliating it. However, one of the reasons we tend to age faster in these areas is that we don’t look after it as well!

So here are my top treatment tips depending on your concern & budget…

Eye tightening serums – for an instant tightening effect!

I was hoping to tell you about Hollywood eye magic which was something we had in the clinic for a while. You simply popped a small amount around the eye area, waited for it to dry and hey presto you looked awake and all your lines were gone! Not real magic obviously, the formulation of ingredients caused the skin to contract resulting in the eye area looking more youthful.

The results lasted a few hours but were great under make up in the morning or in preparation for a night out. Unfortunately, we stopped selling it at the clinic though and it seems to be very difficult to find online, so I took to my aesthetician friends & clinics that I was visiting to ask their recommendations…

Winning by popular vote was the instant effects: instant eye lift which works in a very similar way to the Hollywood eye magic and is a bargain at £24.99!


  • Low price
  • Gives instant results
  • No downtime or discomfort


  • Not going to give superior results to treatments
  • Results only last a few hours
eye-before-and-after-15Photos are copyright of Instant effects

Lymphatic drainage – for under eye puffiness

Lymphatic drainage is quite an old-fashioned treatment but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still effective. The lymphatic system is the body’s waste disposal system and slows down as we age but also through lack of exercise, not drinking enough water, drinking alcohol and caffeine. Doing something as simple as massaging your eyes from the nose out to the crow’s feet twice a day can help to reduce this puffiness, however if you want a treatment then you can find some beauty salons who still offer this treatment. It is the first stage in the HydraFacial 6 stage protocol and results can be seen below.


  • Not painful at all (it’s actually quite relaxing)
  • No downtime
  • Low cost at generally around £40


  • If your puffiness is due to other causes, then this treatment will not be enough to make a difference but it’s a good first point of call
  • It can be hard to find salons still offering this as a stand-alone treatment
hydraPhotos are copyright of HydraFacial

Perk Eye treatment – for signs of ageing, puffiness, mild dark circles & dehydration:

I may be slightly biased as I work for the company but after doing a case study on Perk and using it on myself, I have been really impressed with the results that can be achieved. Perk is a Hybrid skincare system…basically it’s a skincare product but the first application is done professionally in clinic/salon to exfoliate the area in just 5 minutes!

The ‘eye replenishing serum’ uses rollerflex technology to massage open pores and deliver products into the skin. During the treatment, this serum is attached to an exfoliating head and a suction is delivered through the machine. The practitioner works over the skin to exfoliate away dead skin cells and infuse products such as Horse chestnut seed extract, arnica flower extract and lactic acid to hydrate, soothe and increase cell turnover. The treatment feels a little scratchy but is by no means uncomfortable and can safely work right up to the eye line, effectively resurfacing this commonly hard to treat area. At the end of the treatment you will receive the other ½ of the serum to continue to use at home for a month along with 2 eye masks to use 10 and 20 days after the treatment.


  • Comfortable to have done and no down time
  • Cost effective as the treatment and homecare is £40-£50 depending on provider
  • Easy to use at home and can be used alongside other eye products you’re already using


  • Treatments need to be kept up monthly for optimum results
  • Some clients can experience a bit of dryness to begin with if they aren’t used to higher grade skincare


Results are before & after 3 Perk eye treatments performed monthly by myself with the client using the serum twice daily & eye masks at correct intervals. These photos have not been tampered with or altered in anyway and were taken on the same camera in the same environment at each session.

eTwo Sublative – for deeper lines & mild hooding over the eyelid

This is one of my favourite treatments to do in clinic, we called it Rejuveneyes (clever right) and it is just fantastic at tightening the skin around the eye area.

Unlike traditional fractional treatments, Sublative Rejuvenation uses fractionated, bi-polar radio frequency to penetrate through the skin. This sends more energy beneath the surface of the skin to maximise collagen production, while keeping the epidermis (outer layer) of the skin intact. Using this method greatly reduces downtime and lessens the chance of contra-actions. The treatment feels like a hot flick, but most practices will give you cool air to blow over during the treatment to help with discomfort. Following the treatment, the skin will feel very hot, but this will usually go down within a couple of hours. A course of 3 treatments is recommended every 4-6 weeks and then a top up treatment is advised once every 6-12 months depending on severity. The best results I’ve seen are when the treatment is coupled with a low percentage vitamin A (retinol) product, ideally between 0.2% – 0.5% to increase cell turnover and aid in the rebuilding of new, healthy skin.


  • Gives very good results even on deep set lines and wrinkles
  • Can be done on any skin type
  • Only takes around 15-20 minutes to do so the discomfort isn’t prolonged


  • More expensive, treatments cost between £100-£200 per session (depending on clinic)
  • It is an uncomfortable treatment which means it isn’t for everybody
etwo1.pngBefore & after 3 eTwo Sublative treatments. Photos are copyright of Syneron Candela

If you have any questions or would like any suggestions on clinics in your area feel free to contact me.

Thank you for reading



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