HydraFacial – From a practitioner, patient & reps experience!

HydraFacial holds a special place in my heart as it was the first treatment I ever trained in when I started my career as an Aesthetician. In the last 7 years I have done thousands of HydraFacial’s and still love performing them to this day. It’s funny how life turns out, this treatment was my first step into the world of aesthetics and now I work for the company, helping clinics to run events to launch the facial all over the UK and Ireland!

This may lead you to think that I will be biased but please don’t, nobody’s paying me or has asked me to write this blog post. I am doing it of my own accord and love for the treatment that I have seen help many people, including myself, to have healthy, radiant looking skin. Here’s how it works…


Stage 1 – Lymphatic drainage

It always surprised me how many clients I had that genuinely didn’t know that they had a lymphatic system. Lymphatic drainage may seem like an old school treatment, but it’s stood the test of time because it’s effective. The lymphatic system is our bodies waste disposal system and becomes sluggish with age, poor diet, not drinking enough water and not exercising enough.

It’s really important to keep this system flowing freely, when it’s not it can lead to puffiness and a dull skin tone. The first stage of HydraFacial uses a suction cup which is pumped at each lymph node and is then drained down towards the thoracic node (by the heart). I had one client who said it felt like a fish was giving her lots of little kisses….so cute! This stage helps to speed up the bodies lymphatic system to drain away toxins, reduce puffiness, give a slight lift and increase circulation so that you get a better result from the rest of the treatment.


Stage 2 – Deep cleanse & exfoliation

This is one of the most important stages, as by doing this stage effectively it allows for the rest of the ingredients to penetrate down to the dermal layer where it will have the greatest impact. This is why it’s called a ‘medical grade’ facial and why it’s so much more effective than a ‘cream on, cream off’ facial which works only on the surface layers of skin.

The combination of machine suction, vortex fusion tip and ingredients such as glucosamine and botanical cleansers work together to remove dead skin cells, instantly leaves your complexion less dull and skin feeling cleaner. A lot of people liken it to having a carpet deep cleaned…just for your face. If you’ve tried microdermabrasion, then this is kind of like a wet version. It’s more comfortable though and doesn’t dry the skin out.


Stage 3 – glycolic peel (brightening stage)

So, you’ve heard me bang on about glycolic & salicylic acid before…if not then you definitely need to read my post about skincare! Glycolic acid & salicylic acid are an unstoppable force when combined. The Salicylic works within the pores to soften black heads and congestion, while the glycolic works superficially to brighten the skin and reduce sebum, fine lines and pigmentation. Don’t worry, no downtime, no peeling! Most clients who opt for the skin health for life treatment will have the 7.5% glycolic acid & 2% salicylic acid peel (known as the glysal prep). There are protocols where this can be increased to a 15% or 30% but this is only really necessary for acne or pigmentation. This stage leaves the skin glowing and softened ready for the next stage….


Stage 4 – Extraction stage

For those that know me, you will be well aware that I love a black head, spot, white head, anything that I can squeeze! Dr. Pimple popper is legit my spirit animal, but alas I digress.

So now the pores are softened, this is the perfect time to start sucking out those blackheads. Contrary to the name we don’t there is no actual extraction during this stage, the pore is purged with salicylic acid and honey extract.

By going over the congestion super slowly, it forces the serum in, so the blackheads have nowhere else to go and pop out. The honey is anti-inflammatory and hydrating, so you don’t need to worry about your skin feeling dry following this stage. As a practitioner this was my fave stage to do, it’s so effective you don’t even need to squeeze so no risk of damaging the skin. (If only my boyfriend would let me give him one he’d miss out on all the blackhead squeezing I do on him!)

This is everybody’s favourite part because it really leaves you feeling clean, you can even see what’s come out at the end of the treatment as it collects in a pot at the back of the machine!

blackheadsafter blackheads









Stage 5 – Antioxidant and Hydration stage

The skin has been thoroughly cleaned now so it’s now like a dry sponge ready to soak up anything that’s put on it. This is our ‘wow effect’ serum because it’s delivering a whole concoction of nutrients which will soak into the skin to deeply hydrate and nourish. We have horse chestnut seed extract, hyaluronic acid, vit A, peptides, green tea…the list goes on but the best thing is this serum is great for all skin types. Hydrating but in a none greasy way so great for oily & dry skins alike. It also contains peptides giving it anti-ageing benefits and most importantly it restores the skins health! The skin is glowing following this stage, in a ‘omg your skin is so radiant’ way not a ‘babe you need to powder’ way.


Stage 6 – LED Light therapy

This is the relaxing stage of the treatment, it’s so easy to fall asleep (especially men), but it’s not just for quick kip, it completes the treatment. Most facials will be completed with a red & near-infra red LED light which is anti-inflammatory so will calm redness, it also stimulates collagen for anti-ageing, increases hydration and intensifies the glow of the skin so that you’re left with radiant skin that you can walk straight of the door with. There is also a blue light which is great for acne as it kills the p-acne bacteria which can cause spots to form.

Here’s a handy video 

And that’s it! A 6-stage super facial, and it really is super because you could actually have each stage of this done as an individual treatment. Let me explain:

  • Stage 1 – Lymphatic drainage is still offered in some beauty salons and is also a focus in massage treatments (average price £40)
  • Stage 2 – This can be likened to microdermabrasion but as mentioned above, it’s not as damaging and has more benefit as it infuses ingredients in at the same time as exfoliating (average price £50-£80)
  • Stage 3 – Peels are very common treatments and although ours is not a strong one, you can have similar percentage peels done for skin brightening (average price £50)
  • Stage 4 – Nothing removes blackheads like a HydraFacial, however steam extraction is still a big thing in beauty salons (average price – £40)
  • Stage 5 – Mesotherapy can be done to infuse antioxidants and hyaluronic acid into the skin which involves needles to get it down to dermal layers (average price £70)
  • Stage 6 – LED light is a big treatment, as it has great effects with no downtime and no risk, it’s normally done in a course of 6 over a period of 3 weeks (average price £40 per session)

To get the best skin health benefits with HydraFacial we recommend a monthly treatment to get the cell turnover happening regularly and the skin working in a way that did when it was younger. This takes around an hour and includes the 6 stages as above.

The average cost for a HydraFacial is £120 which I know for some people is unaffordable, but if you want to invest in your skin health in a cost-effective way, look above at what having all those treatments above would cost you individually. By having a HydraFacial, you save time, money and you get better results as each stage makes the next stage better!

Click here for the link to the HydraFacial website where you can find a provider near you. Most clinics offer payment plans making the treatments cheaper and giving you the chance to spread the cost.

I have seen and felt the results for myself, so believe me…it works. If you’re still in doubt however click here to see some reviews from other bloggers and in the media.

If you have any questions or would like any suggestions on clinics in your area feel free to contact me.

Thank you for reading



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