How to get rid of skin tags, milia, xantholasma, seb keratosis, thread veins and many more with ACP…

Guys I hate to brag, but I’m kind of a big deal in the ACP world…

I’m joking, but also kind of not…the featured image of today’s post is myself in the textbook used for clinicians starting a career in ACP (advanced cosmetic procedures) as the featured practitioner. It was my favourite treatment to do in clinic because you get such a lovely instant result with minimal downtime and at a reasonable price. This weeks blog is about what you can treat with this versatile treatment and my many years experience performing it!

How does it work?

ACP (also known as Advanced electrolysis) uses an electrical current delivered through an electrolysis machine typically used for hair removal (I use Sterex) and a small needle (or probe). The current is delivered to the tip of the needle which creates heat and is then used to cuaterise (burn) off the targeted lesion. It sounds pretty brutal but most of my clients explained the sensation as a hot sting.

The following are photos were taken at MediZen and are clients that I treated over the years, all photos are copyright of MediZen Clinic

Now lets see what this bad boy can do…

Skin tags:

What is it – A little flap of skin that generally forms in places where skin rubbing occurs e.g. inner thighs, underarms, neck due to wearing necklaces etc.

Treatments required – Usually 1 is sufficient

Appearance following treatment – Exactly as you see in the photo!  This was before and straight after a treatment, some redness and mild swelling can occur but only lasts 30 mins – 1 hour

Downtime – Some skin tags can be left with a small scab, however this will fall off in the following few days


What is it – Fatty deposit that forms around the eye, it can be linked to high cholesterol so always go to your doctor to be tested if you haven’t already

Treatments required – Depends on severity, smaller ones only need 1 treatment, bigger ones can take 2-4 sessions with a 4 week interval

Appearance following treatment – It will look lighter initially and scabby, localised redness & mild swelling is normal

Downtime – The area will feel sore for a few days, scabbing will occur and gradually fall off leaving the area looking more skin coloured. Full healing will be around 1-2 weeks. The photos above are 4 weeks following 1 treatment

Thread veins:

Watch the video here!

What is it – Broken vein that has come to the surface of the skin, not needed for any blood flow

Treatments required – Usually 1 treatment is all that’s needed

Appearance following treatment – Instant results (as seen in video) the vein is instantly cuaterised and vanishes before your eyes like magic!

Downtime – Very minimal, small amount of dry skin in treatment area but very minimal, this will flake away over a couple of days

Campbell de morgan (blood spots):

What is it – Pool of blood under the skin following a blood vessel bursting

Treatments required – Usually 1 treatment is all that’s needed

Appearance following treatment – Similair to thread veins, it looks like a little patch of dry skin but results are instant!

Downtime – Minimal dry skin, may form a small scab but this will fall off in a few days

Fibroepithelial polyp:

What is it – These a benign lesions similair to skin tags

Treatments required – Usually 1 treamtment is all that’s needed

Appearance following treatment – Results are instant, the lesion above was removed in 1 session, with it being fully cuaterised so no bleeding occured

Downtime – These will likely scab but will fall off within 1-2 weeks depending on how big the initial lesion is

Dermatosis papulosa nigra:

What is it – This lesion is typically seen in darker skin types and is a type of seborrhoeic keratosis but benign

Treatments required – 1 treatment will get rid of an inidividual lesions however people who suffer with this can get new in the future

Apperance following treatment – As you can see from the photos above, these were taken before and straight after the treatment with mild redness being visible, some clients can experience mild swelling

Downtime – None! Redness will go down within a few hours

Seborrhoeic keratosis:

What is it – This is a benign lesion normally seen in more mature clients with a scaly/waxy texture, however they can sometimes be wrongly diagnosed so always check with your doctor before seeking treatment

Treatments required – 1 treatment is all that’s needed per lesion

Apperance following treatment – These are likely to bleed and scab over, the scabbing and flaking process can happen a few times so I would always advise 6 weeks before you see total skin healing, especially for bigger lesions

Downtime – You need to be careful during the scabbing stage not to catch it as it will make the healing process take longer


What is it – Also known as milk spots, they form when dead skin cells get trapped in pores, the best way to prevent them is with regular exfoliation

Treatments required – 1 treatment should be enough, however bigger milia may require 2 sessions

Appearance following treatment – They don’t look much different straight initially, just slightly whiter and some redness may be visible in the area

Downtime – None! The milia will harden and fall off over the following few days

Pricing & clinics

Pricing will vary by clinic and location however the average price per treatment is £75-£150.

Click here to go to the consultingroom website for verified clinics in your area!

If you have any questions or would like any suggestions on clinics in your area feel free to contact me.

Thank you for reading




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