Let’s talk lashes!

I think we can all agree that we would like to have longer, fuller lashes. Whether you want to fake it with stick on lashes (like I used to), extenuate them with treatments or grow them yourself, this post is all about the best options on the market to give you the eyelashes and eye pop that you want!

Fake it…

I used to be a serial user of the stick on strip lashes, especially for a night out (see photo from 2015 below) my favourite was always Eyelure. These can be an easy, affordable fix to give you an instant result but can be fiddly to put on and I would normally find mine flapping in the wind by the end of a Friday night.


The other option you have is individual lashes which again give a lovely instant result but are more expensive at around £45-£85 depending on brand, salon and location. They are also more of a commitment as infills are needed every 4-6 weeks! The other issues I’ve heard about individual lashes is that with ongoing use, they can start to make your eye lashes fall out which just scares the s*** out of me!

Treat it…

So after getting LVL lashes done before a holiday last year I am fully addicted to them! Shout out to Paige at Omorfia based in Leicester, who does them for me every 8 weeks and is brilliant! My favourite things about LVL’s are that my natural eyelashes aren’t damaged, I don’t have to worry about mascara, they don’t look fake and I don’t apply make up in the morning anymore which means more time in bed!

Screenshot_20181115-142815 (1)
Before treatment
IMG_20181112_193038 (2)
Straight after LVL treatment
IMG_20181113_112410 (1)
1 day after LVL treatment

The treatment takes around 45 minutes to do and is totally painless, you just close your eyes and relax! It’s a 2 step process that begins with your eyelashes being permed to make them stand up, they are then tinted to give a darker colour and give the effect of longer, fuller lashes which are totally your own.

Results lasts 6-8 weeks and cost between £35-£75 depending on location. I have to say that I couldn’t recommend this treatment enough, I get compliments all the time with people thinking I have mascara on and it’s so lovely to be able to rub my eyes at any point of the day without worrying about panda eyes!

Grow it…

If you want to go fully natural or if you struggle with the length of your natural eyelashes then lash growth serums are currently very popular! There are lots of products on the market at the moment but these are a few of my recommendations.

Revitalash is the most popular product that I see within clinics, it uses high quality peptides and botanicals to promote lash hydration and hair growth. It’s one of the more pricey products however, prices start from £64-£74 for a 2.0ml bottle which is around a 3 month supply. I know lots of therapists and doctors who use it and they say that it’s very good, results are seen within 3-4 weeks and it’s easy to use! There is a risk with Revitalash, some people have reported their eye colour changing, so bare this in mind before choosing to go ahead with this product.

I’ve personally used the Lash Enhancing Serum from ZO which is slightly cheaper at £53.

After 1 month of using Lash enhancing serum

This really made a difference to my lashes, they were incredibly long and thick so I would definitely recommend this product. Budget permitting, combining this with LVL would be amazing! You can use this product everyday in the evening and there is no risk of it changing your eye colour.

I’ve also recently heard a lot of hype about WooLash, reviews have a 98% satisfaction rating which can not be ignored! It’s an american company so if you’re in the UK shipping will be pricey with 1 bottle costing $61.95 and can currently only be bought online. I’ve read through some of the reviews and there’s a big hype around this product, it has clinical backing and is FDA approved so I’m certainly intrigued. Watch this space, my birthday is coming up so I may be getting some sooner rather than later!

So as a take away, budget and lifestyle will have a big impact on what is going to be right for you. Mascara is always an option of course but for me, I will stick to my LVL lashes but I know for some people the idea of finding 45 minutes for a treatment is not realistic. If you want to try high street lash growth serums please do your research and check for reviews and clinical backing!

If you would like any advice please don’t hesitate to get in touch through our website or on our social media pages

Thank you for reading




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