Semi Permanent make up – Everything you need to know about getting your brows to look great everyday!

The pressure to have your eyebrows ‘on fleek’ can be a challenge. I have naturally very fair eyebrow hair so was a regular for waxing and tinting, but if you know me then you know I like a shortcut, so why wouldn’t I want to try a treatment that gives me perfect brows everyday! This weeks post is about my experience with before and after photos, as well as all the facts from Helen Taylor, my well trusted semi permanent make up artist!

The initial thought of having a tattoo on my face was a slightly daunting one, however I was pleasantly surprised to find it was only mildly uncomfortable, micropigmentation (another name for semi permanent make up) does not go into the skin as deeply as regular tattoos do. I could best explain the sensation as scratchy, but me and Helen were chatting away so much this was easy to ignore, it was over before I knew it!

Before treatment -unkempt and not a very defined shape
A few hours after treatment
2 weeks post treatment

Needless to say I am overjoyed with the results, this combined with my LVL lashes (read let’s talk lashes post) and skincare regime (read finding time for a skincare regime) have resulted in my dream of not having to worry about applying make up in the morning, I always appreciate precious extra time in bed aka. my happy place 😀

Now over to Helen, she has a wealth of knowledge with over 15 years experience and can answer all of your burning questions!

Could you please give a bit of a bio about yourself to begin with?

I initially became interested in beauty when I lived in Spain when I was 14 – 28 years ago (so a long time!) back then I was able to train in aromatherapy, reflexology, massage and other basic beauty.

How long have you been practicing?

I have been performing Permanent Cosmetic procedures for 15 years.

What pigments do you use?

I use KB Pro pigments.

Are all pigments the same?

No! Some are very watery and don’t offer longevity.

How do you pick a colour for each client?  

I look at the clients skin colour, eyebrow hair colour, eye colour and listen to the end result the client is after.

How many treatments are needed?

It is always a 2 step process.  First treatment followed by a check up 6 weeks later.

How often do you need a top up?

On average every 18-24 months.

Is there any risk with the treatments?

Performed correctly there is minimal risks associated with this treatment.

Does semi-permanent make up work for everybody?

There are certain medications/illnesses that would contra-indicate this treatment being performed and some skin types that the colour may not last very long on – for example excessive oily skin.

What’s your favourite thing about doing the treatments?

The happiness that it brings to a client when they have their brows back !  It can be quite an emotional journey for them.

Thank you to Helen for answering our questions! I couldn’t recommend her enough so please click here to be taken to her website for further information and to book a treatment if you are interested. I must point out I have not been given incentive by Helen to write this post, I am just very happy with my service! 

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch through the website or on our social media pages.

Thanks for reading



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