My colon cleansing experience – taking skin & shit to a whole new meaning!

I feel like I have to point out that Madi was mortified when I told her that I had this treatment done, but it is something that I’ve always been interested in trying. I’m a huge advocate for gut health after feeling the difference that probiotics made to my bloating, discomfort and inability to poop regularly. It was a happy coincidence that when I popped into a clinic for information, I just happened to get talking to Joanne Wilcox who is a specialist in this procedure and had a slot free there and then! This week’s post is about what colon cleansing can benefit and my experience, which contains photos and videos so please be prepared!

What is colonic hydrotherapy?

I’ve taken this extract from Joanne Wilcox’s website as I liked her explanation…

‘Colonic hydrotherapy is a safe and proven treatment. It works by flushing warm filtered water into your colon through a small, clever device called a ‘speculum’, which makes it possible to simultaneously bring clean water into the colon – and carry waste out.

Your colon is gently filled with water, then released to allow loose debris (poop) to flow out. This process is carried out for 60 minutes. During treatment, Joanne will use her renowned massage techniques on your abdomen to stimulate the release of waste product.’

What is it good for?

While I was having the treatment done, Joanne and I discussed what the treatment is best used for…

  • Reducing constipation and promoting regular bowel movements
  • Kick starting the metabolism
  • Reduces risk of colon cancer
  • Improves digestive system
  • Helps to improve symptoms associated with IBS such as bloating
  • Increases the bodies ability to absorb nutrients through the gut
  • Recommended after a course of antibiotics to restore gut health


How many treatments are needed?

This will depend on what you are having the treatment for, your current diet and lifestyle will also have an impact. Joanne explained that most people will need a course of 4 treatments every 2-4 weeks, others may require sessions as often as every 2 days.


So, what’s it like?

I admit I was a little embarrassed having this procedure done. Yes, it does entail having a pipe put up your bum, but Joanne was very good at telling me what to expect and chatting to me to put me at ease.

I stripped off my bottoms and lay on my side to make the insertion easier, this is done with some lubrication so was not as bad as I thought it would be. I was then rolled onto my back with my knees up, which was a much more comfortable position for the remainder of the treatment.

Joanne then turned the machine on and used massage techniques, while pushing the water further by holding the pipe in certain ways. This felt like a tight pain you could liken to a period cramp, but I wouldn’t describe it as painful.


Video of poop being removed from my body below

When we were done, Joanne rolled me back onto my side and I was left to use the bathroom to get the rest of the water out…apologies for the mental image.

The best way I can explain the feeling following the treatment was that I felt empty! I have no other word to describe it, just like everything had been removed from my gut, it was a very pleasant sensation to have and I slept so well that night!

Take homes

To summarize, it was an interesting experience, not one I’m sure I would try again but that’s mainly because I don’t have any digestive issues currently and my curiosity of trying the treatment has now been satisfied.

I feel it’s important to say that colonic hydrotherapy doesn’t have any solid scientific evidence behind it, so if you suffer with gut health issues it’s important to first look at your diet, try increasing fiber and use proven therapies such as probiotics before trying this.

If you have any question’s please don’t hesitate to contact me through the website or social media

Thank you for reading



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