Top tips to get the ‘Spring’ back into your skin!

The title for this blog is cheesy I know, but I bet it put a little smile on your face! As I set out in the mornings for a long day on the road, I am beginning to feel comforted by the sun rising ever earlier. Spring is just around the corner bringing an end to our cold, dark winter! Along with the little lambs in the fields and blooms of flowers comes a strange time for our skin. Most people will have suffered with dryness and often sensitivity during the winter months thanks to the cold weather and constant heating. This week’s post is my top tips on what you can be doing at home to get some new life back into your skin!

Out with the old, in with the new

Dryness leads to a build up of dead skin cells on the surface of your face. Most people make the mistake of continuously moisturising this skin and hoping this will help, believe me, it’s not helping! If you keep adding layer upon layer of thick moisturiser onto this layer of dead skin all you are doing is sticking it back down onto your face and not making any difference, for avid skin and shitter’s you will know I am VERY anti moisturiser’s, read why here. So, what can we do to get rid of this dead skin? Well exfoliate it of course!

Exfoliators come in many different forms, for me I like something really gritty so I can really feel that physical abrasion. If you find these too harsh, then gel-based exfoliators that only have a small amount of grit in may be a better option.

For those that really don’t like the feeling of exfoliators, I would recommend a glycolic acid-based mask; this will aid in the breakdown of the dead skin cells, but really should only be used as an exfoliator for those that have delicate skins such as active acne or rosacea sufferers!shutterstock_337356005Fruit and veg for your skin

This is what I like to call antioxidants because they are so good for our skin! Vitamin C is my favourite as you get an instant glow when applied and it’s suitable for all skin types, however Vitamin E & Ferulic acid are also good choices. I think it’s worth mentioning that eating a wide variety of fruit and veg is also incredibly beneficial for the skin. Healthy skin starts from within, you can’t expect to put only bad stuff into your body and see good things externally, even with a good skincare regime!

Antioxidants help to protect our skin from daily damage caused by the sun, air pollution, phone screens & lifestyle to name a few, I’ve written a more in-depth blog on this subject which you can find here.

Hydrate the right way

Slapping on moisturiser is doing fuck all for your skin, it’s just sitting there, so if this is what you are doing stop now! You’re better off not using anything than you are using a moisturiser that sits on the skins surface and reduces your bodies hydration making abilities.

Hydration starts from the dermis (the deeper layers of skin) so we need to target it at its source with low molecular weight hydrators that can get down there. The crème de la crème of these is Hyaluronic acid, or even better is Sodium Hyaluronate as it’s even lower molecular weight! It is however quite expensive so my next best would be a B5 gel, these are suitable for all skin types and will benefit everybody. Just like we’re encouraged to drink plenty of water we need to hydrate our skin the right way, water is key in the body as it’s needed for everything to work properly, especially in our skin!

That’s all for this week, I’m going to follow this up in my next post with what’s in my skincare regime as I regularly get ask me what I use so keep an eye out for that.

If you would like any skincare advice, then please get in touch via our social media channels or through the website.

Thank you for reading




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