Confessions of an Aesthetican

I have done countless consultations and treatments in my time as an Aesthetician, but not many people really understand what therapists do and see on a daily basis. This week I thought it would be fun to do something a little different and get some things off my chest as I confess shocking stories and gross fascinations, try not to judge me…

I love the smell of burning flesh!

I did a lot of ablative treatments for acne scarring and anti-ageing. These treatments consist of creating a controlled burn to the skin to stimulate collagen production. This reaction results in a smell of burning skin which to most would be repulsive however to me, it was amazing! It smelt to me like success, a total sensory experience seeing the skin contract, hearing the sizzle and smelling it made me feel like I was doing my job properly.

When I really break this down, I realise that it is essentially cooking flesh that I am getting excited over and as a vegetarian I do find this rather odd. It’s not just me though, pretty much all Aestheticians I know also enjoy this or have a similar gratification from the smell of burning hair when they do laser hair removal!


I had a willy fall on my hand

I have removed a lot of skin tags in my time, these most commonly form in areas where skin or clothing rub together such as the neck, underarms and inner thighs. I had a large male client who came in with a skin tag…on his testicle. After trying and failing to treat him with his boxer shorts on, we decided that it would be easier to just remove them, so I got to treating. As I was about half way through the treatment, he coughed rather aggressively resulting in his penis landing on my hand, due to his large size he didn’t appear to have seen this happen, so I rather sheepishly had to nudge it off to the side while I finished my treatment. Much to the joy of my colleagues who found this hilarious, I found the experience rather mortifying and the gentleman in question seems to be none the wiser that this ever happened!

People cry…all the time

For some people, just getting to the clinic for the initial consultation has taken them a long time and a lot of confidence. Whenever anyone cries, they feel so embarrassed, but it happens far more often than you’d expect. We all have insecurities and talking about them can be difficult, especially with a stranger, what you will normally find is that therapists have a good amount of compassion and empathy, I am very used to seeing people in a vulnerable state. I want anyone who gets upset to know that they are not alone, it happens very regularly and to not feel silly if they get emotional.

I’m not embarrassed about seeing your bits

I’ve had more than one client trying desperately to cover their bits with a towel while I’m lasering them which unsurprisingly makes it very difficult to then treat! As a practitioner I am so unphased by seeing genitalia, it’s just a treatment area to me and I’ve seen hundreds of different bits in all shapes, colours & sizes. Try to relax and remember that the person in front of you is a professional.

People get really offended when you don’t remember them

I have seen hundreds, if not thousands of clients, If I’ve only treated someone once, months ago, the likelihood is I won’t remember them. I once had a lady who was furious with me when I looked at the other person sitting in the waiting room as I said her name to call her, to the point she complained about me to my manager! It’s nice to be remembered but also be realistic.

I’ve turned people away for treatment

Some clients think they know best and will come in with a pre-conceived idea of the treatment they want, however often the procedure is not right for them, or they need to have their skin prepped first.

I am an ethical practitioner and I will turn clients away if they say that they won’t do as I’ve recommended, for example I had a young lady come to see me with acne scarring; she wanted a medical needling treatment to correct it, but she had lots of active acne which would compromise her skin healing ability.

My advice was that we get her skin under control first with skincare and HydraFacial’s and when it’s in a better condition we could then do the needling to address the scarring…needless to say she did not agree and I refused to treat her as I knew there was a risk that she would develop worse scarring or her spots would get much worse. If I had done the needling treatment, she wouldn’t have been happy with the end result and felt like she wasted her money, so I was not willing to treat her.

If you are going to see a professional to get their advice be open and listen to them, do your research on the treatments available, but don’t go in with a set mind because the advice may be different.

You wouldn’t go to the doctors for their advice and then tell them what you have and how they’re going to treat it would you?

I feel as if a weight’s been lifted off my shoulders, I hope that this has given you a window into what it’s like to be an Aesthetician!

Thank you for reading



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