RE-POST: Mineral make up, what’s it all about and do we really need to use it?

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Make up is such a wonderful thing, I hear some women complain about it being another thing forced upon us by the patriarchy, but I feel lucky that when I’m hungover and looking like death, it’s socially acceptable for me to stick on concealer or mascara and look half human again!

I spend a lot of time, effort and money on my skin, so isn’t it reversing this hard work when I wear make-up?

I will admit when I was younger I was a serial user of dream matte mouse from Maybelline and I would cake it on my face, I have freckles and used to hate them so much that I would wear an inch of make up to try to hide them. I certainly don’t do that anymore, but I do like to have some coverage and a matte look. When I became an Aesthetician, I started to consider the make-up I used, this is where I first came across mineral make up.


What is mineral make up?

True mineral make-up is made up completely of minerals mined from the earth such as zinc oxide, iron oxide & titanium oxide. They are ground into very fine particles which are then used to make products such as powder and foundations, because of their natural content they do not contain oil or wax which can be found in normal make up. Ingredients can even help to soothe and heal the skin, have sun protecting benefits and are suitable for all skin types (including sensitive) while giving great coverage!

Are all mineral make ups the same?

No is the simple answer. When I started with mineral make up I began with the well know high street brand bare minerals original powder. I found I liked the feel and look of it on my skin, however knowing what I know about skincare (high street brands are not always what they seem) I thought I’d do some research into this product.

I found a great article on Bismuth Oxychloride. It is a mineral within bare minerals but not a natural one, it’s obtained as a by product of lead or copper smelting. It’s used to give powders a shimmering effect and can be irritating triggering rashes & acne breakouts!

Don’t always believe the high street hype, as per usual products that are sold in professional atmospheres like aesthetic clinics are going to be the most clinically tested and best choice in my opinion.

My top picks for coverage

Some brands I’ve worked with in clinic are lycogel & oxygenetix. They both give high coverage but are breathable and great for healing the skin. They are popular brands within clinics as they can be applied straight after treatments such as medical needling to give coverage without the risk of damaging the skin when it’s so delicate.

As a day to day make up they’re too thick for me, but for people that suffer with severe pigmentation or a lot of redness, this is a great option for coverage while still having a healing and sun protecting benefit.

Both Lycogel and Oxygenetics cost approximately £45 (depending on provider)

My top picks for the evening

I really rate Jane Iredale also known as ‘the skincare make-up’ as it truly is only mineral make-up. It’s a good coverage but very light weight and blends to my skin tone perfectly. They also do beautiful lipsticks, eye shadow pallets and highlighters/blushers. One of my favourite products is the under-eye circle delete concealer, it covers dark circles without sitting in lines and making me look way older than I am!

You will find this brand in a lot of aesthetic clinics as it is 100% natural mineral make up. It has an SPF of around 20 in it as well, but I would never substitute this for a sunscreen, use this as well as sunscreen!


My favourite is dream tint which costs approximately £33 (depending on provider)

I use Jane Iredale when I’m going out as the liquid foundation gives me more coverage (as seen above).

My top pick for everyday

I am currently using colorescience, I was lucky enough to have been given a sample at an event I was working at and OMG I LOVE IT! The loose mineral foundation is brilliant to take around and top up on the go as it has an SPF in it. It was so convenient to use on holiday to keep my skin matte but also protected. The corrector palette is also brilliant at covering any odd break outs that I get or if my dark circles are looking particularly bad after 1 too many late nights then this makes all the difference.


It uses only pure, natural ingredients, 100% chemical free, a physical SPF, water and sweat resistant for 80 minutes and contains antioxidants to protect the skin from free radical damage.

My skin looks totally matte but when I have it on nobody can tell, so this is my top pick when it comes to a mineral make up.

Powders start from around £40 depending on which product you go for but (I would recommend loose mineral powder).

Most clinics will not charge you to go in a have a colour match so it’s well worth going in to try the products out on your skin to see if you like the feel and look of them. Remember to read the label and that high street brands may not be all they seem.

If you have any questions or would like any suggestions on clinics in your area feel free to contact me.

Thank you for reading



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