Why combination treatments are necessary for long term results!

If I had a penny for every time a client came in for my professional advice and then asked ‘what 1 thing should I have’ out of treatment plan I’d proposed, I would be on a beach in Barbados right now!

This months post is about combination treatments, why they are important and why they are necessary for safe practice and long term treatment results.

What is a combination treatment?

A combination treatment is pretty self explanatory, it’s a selection of products and treatments that work alongside each other to target multiple concerns and give optimum results.

An example…

I recently had a client into my clinic concerned with acne scarring and rosacea. He had read online about medical needling and was pretty sure that he wanted to go ahead with this treatment.

I agreed that medical needling was indeed the best treatment approach for acne scarring, however what I was concerned about was that his skin had scarred in the first place. This meant that it was not in the best condition to heal and repair itself with an aggressive wound healing treatment such as medical needling.

As he mentioned to me that he also wanted to target his rosacea and get an overall skin rejuvenation my best professional advice was to opt for a combination treatment.

In this case I decided to prepare the skin by performing 2 HydraFacial treatments bi-weekly, giving the skin all of the nutrients it would need to heal and repair itself. Then we started on a course of 3 needling treatments and 3 HydraFacial’s performed every other week and supported the skin at home with:

  • Cleanser – To keep skin clean
  • Exfoliator – To help new skin cells come through as quickly as possible
  • Rosacea cream – Specifically designed to reduce the redness he was concerned about
  • SPF 50 – Essential as we are doing a regenerative treatment so the skin will be more sensitive to the sun

3 HydraFacial’s and 1 needling treatment into the course this is where we are…

Before & After 3 HydraFacial’s + 1 needling treatment

Why was this necessary?

I know that if we had just done needling it would not have targeted his rosacea at all, it may have even exacerbated it. Furthermore if I had not prepped this skin he may have had a risk of developing even more scarring. As you can see, we have had a fantastic improvement on not only the acne marks but also the redness, skin tone, pore size, blackheads and overall skin glow!

When my clients come to me they are coming to get the best possible result that they can. There is unfortunately no 1 product or device in the world that can solve every skin concern and once a course of treatment is completed it is essential to maintain results at home with cosmeceutical skincare.


Well I liken my professional treatment to being a ‘gym for the skin’, think of it as a weekend super intensive bootcamp that whips you into shape and then you go home and eat pizza everyday…

Basically, if you have a deep treatment done and then go home and use soap & boots no7 moisturiser on your face and no sunscreen then there is no point having done the treatment at all!

My best advice?

Think about it, you don’t go to a doctor who prescribes you drugs to deal with an illness and then decide to only take a few of them!

Listen to your practitioner, but don’t be scared to question why they are recommending that specific product or combination treatment. If they are worth your money they will be able to clearly explain the science and benefits of why they are suggesting that particular plan for you.

If you have any questions or would like advice on your skin, please contact me through our social media channels

Thanks for reading



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