What’s going on inside Bare Faced Aesthetics…?

So, some of you may have heard the announcement that I have decided to open my own Aesthetic skin clinic! This has been a long term dream of mine and I wanted to share with my loyal skin & shitters what I will be offering.

I came up with the name because I think it speaks for itself, I want to give people confidence in their natural skin so they can say with pride that they are a #barefacedbeauty my goal is to give people the best skin of their life and here’s how I plan to do it…

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RE-POST: The Morality of Food

Angels and Devils

When deciding what to eat day to day do you choose the foods that you love, that give you the most enjoyment and satisfaction? Or do you see your favourite foods yet deprive yourself? Have foods become divided in your mind into go and stop, fake and real, right and wrong?

For many people foods have become just this; firmly placed into separate camps that either welcome and nourish or tempt and erode health. However, as I’ve touched upon in previous posts (see the dangers of dichotomising food) there is absolutely no need to draw these distinctions and place morality and emotions onto our food. So why is this something that we see every day?

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RE-POST: Mineral make up, what’s it all about and do we really need to use it?

assorted blur close up container
Photo by Anderson Guerra on Pexels.com

Make up is such a wonderful thing, I hear some women complain about it being another thing forced upon us by the patriarchy, but I feel lucky that when I’m hungover and looking like death, it’s socially acceptable for me to stick on concealer or mascara and look half human again!

I spend a lot of time, effort and money on my skin, so isn’t it reversing this hard work when I wear make-up?

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RE-POST: Diets don’t work. Deal with it.


If you look up the word ‘diet’ in the Oxford English dictionary you get different definitions, two of which are below:

Noun: “the kinds of food that a person, or animal, habitually eat”

Verb: “to restrict oneself to small amounts or special kinds of food, in order to lose weight.”

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RE-POST: Why your moisturiser could be damaging your skin!

Untitled design

Whenever I would say this to my clients they would always look at me shocked and tell me ‘I’ve been told to cleanse, tone & moisturise for my entire life!’ From an early age we’re constantly taught to moisturise our skin to stop it drying out, but this actually is doing more damage than good.

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Confessions of an Aesthetican

I have done countless consultations and treatments in my time as an Aesthetician, but not many people really understand what therapists do and see on a daily basis. This week I thought it would be fun to do something a little different and get some things off my chest as I confess shocking stories and gross fascinations, try not to judge me…

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Body size and shape doesn’t matter as much as you think… go figure.

Bodies of All Shapes and Sizes

Ever heard someone describe themselves as a pear, apple, spoon or diamond? These terms are commonly thrown about to describe the shape of our bodies and are often done so with a roll of our eyes at the inevitable misfortune that we don’t the longed for female hourglass shape or male inverted pyramid. There is a lot of talk about how diet and exercise can help to sculpt and tone our body into the perfect body shape which many of us fall for as we wage perpetual war on our bodies. We don’t try to fight our shoe size… our height… or our eye colour. So why do we fight so hard against our body shape and weight?

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What’s in Zoe’s skincare regime?

As a representative of a skin health brand and an advocate of cosmeceutical skincare products, I’m asked regularly what I use on my skin. This week I’m going to let you delve into my skincare bag and see what my favourite products are to keep my skin looking fresh, healthy and glowing!

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Top tips to get the ‘Spring’ back into your skin!

The title for this blog is cheesy I know, but I bet it put a little smile on your face! As I set out in the mornings for a long day on the road, I am beginning to feel comforted by the sun rising ever earlier. Spring is just around the corner bringing an end to our cold, dark winter! Along with the little lambs in the fields and blooms of flowers comes a strange time for our skin. Most people will have suffered with dryness and often sensitivity during the winter months thanks to the cold weather and constant heating. This week’s post is my top tips on what you can be doing at home to get some new life back into your skin!

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7. Enjoyable eating culture – because food should be enjoyable!

Enjoyable eating culture

Food, diet and eating habits are part of a bigger picture that includes cultural contexts of eating that, in part, inform our behaviours. In order to have a sustainably healthy and enjoyable diet the context of eating should also be taken into consideration. Food should give us pleasure, it’s biological, we can’t (and shouldn’t) deny it, but how we eat our food and who with plays a role in this. In this finale of the 7 principles of sustainable eating I look at what, from my point of view, is one of the most important aspects of food – pleasure.

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