Obesity & Cancer – let’s get this straight shall we?


You might have been lead to believe by recent Cancer Research UK (CRUK) campaigns and from other equally reputable (and some probably less so) sources that we now have concrete evidence that being obese (in and of itself) is a cause of cancer; the way that we’re sure that smoking is. This though, is not a fact. Cancer is such an emotive topic and the causes, treatment and life-changing effects it can have are vastly complicated. But to link obesity and smoking together as equal causes of cancer is just wrong. Read more for why and what CRUK could have done better.

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Why combination treatments are necessary for long term results!

If I had a penny for every time a client came in for my professional advice and then asked ‘what 1 thing should I have’ out of treatment plan I’d proposed, I would be on a beach in Barbados right now!

This months post is about combination treatments, why they are important and why they are necessary for safe practice and long term treatment results.

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Set-point weight, erm…what’s that?!


Put simply set-point weight is the weight that your body will be at when you’re eating a wide variety of a balance of foods and taking part in enjoyable, life-enhancing exercise. It’s the weight that your body naturally wants to be at, without you even having to think about it. This is largely determined by our genetics and is the weight that our body really wants to be, no matter whether that looks like the socially accepted version of a body or not. When I think about my own body I don’t have the same shape as my mum, sister or grandma but I look exactly like my grandpa’s sister – genetics huh, kind of cool, can’t escape it! We’re a diverse population, for the most part we accept that but what we don’t accept is the diversity in our bodies.

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Medical needling, what to look for and what to expect!

Hello Skin and Shitters, it feels like such a long time since my last post and when I was thinking about what to write about, I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t already written a post on medical needling/micro needling/collagen induction therapy (honestly why does one treatment need so many names?)

There has been backlash against certain medical needling devices in the last few months as many devices were scrutinised for not being sanitary, due to the blood caused by the treatment being sucked back into the device!

This latest blog post is about what to expect with a medical needling treatment and what you should be looking out for should you wish to have the treatment.

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Intuitive eating – the basics


Because I always like to start with a good definition, let’s get one for intuitive eating by one of the creators themselves:

“Intuitive Eating is an evidenced-based, mind-body health approach, comprised of 10 Principles and created by two dietitians, Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch in 1995. It is a weight-neutral model with a validated assessment scale and over 90 studies to date (Tribole 2017)… Intuitive Eating is a dynamic integration between mind and body.  The principles work by either cultivating or removing obstacles to body awareness, a process known as interoceptive awareness.  Essentially, Intuitive Eating is a personal process of honoring health by listening and responding to the direct messages of the body in order to meet your physical and psychological needs.”

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Everything you need to know about your lymphatic system and why it’s important!

As part of consultations in my clinic, my goal is to educate my clients so they understand how and why the treatments I perform on them will benefit their skin.

My most popular treatment is HydraFacial, a 6 in 1 medical grade facial. The 6 stages of HydraFacial include; Lymphatic drainage, deep cleanse & exfoliation, light glycolic peel, extractions, hydration infusion & LED light therapy.

What I have discovered from doing so many of these consultations is that most people don’t know anything about their lymphatic system, which has an incredibly important role in our bodies. This week’s post is all about the lymphatic system, the health impacts from it not working properly and how to speed it up!

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External Eating – why do we use the outside world to guide eating?


Why do you eat?

Simple question with a not so simple answer… there are SO many reasons why we eat and these can vary day to day and will change throughout our lives. When we were babies we mostly ate purely when we were hungry – babies tend to be very good at letting it be known they’re hungry. But as we grow older we tend to move away from using our hunger to guide our eating and rely on a whole host of triggers to tell us when and what to eat. This is where external eating comes in.

Subtle triggers

We use all our senses (there are some schools of thought that think we have 10-20 different senses) whether consciously or not to guide our eating behaviours. Our senses tell us so much about what’s going on in our bodies and about how our body interacts with the outside world. You might not always be aware that they are influencing how you eat, but let’s look at some that do just that:

Smell – we can probably all think about a time that we’ve been walking past a bakery and as the aroma of fresh baked pastries and bread wafts towards us suddenly started to salivate, whether we just ate or not.

Sound – have you ever been having a conversation with a friend or colleague or whoever and when the talk has turned to food all of a sudden your stomach starts to niggle? Just talking about food and conjuring up delicious images can cause us to want to eat.


Sight – this is a powerful one as I guarantee you’ve been tempted to eat too much by the sight of a hot, cheesy pizza or shining, gooey chocolate cake.

Touch – the touch of warm, crusty bread as you make lunch or the feel of the soft fuzz on a kiwi can stimulate our hunger.

As well as these there are subtle influencers such as misdirected comments from loved ones like “are you sure you need that extra slice?” We also use these to tell us what to eat, instead of listening to our bodies that might be telling us we do need that extra slice.

The not-so subtle triggers

Then we have the not-so subtle external influencers that surround us day to day that we choose to put in place to tell us what, when and how much to eat. This can be for a host of reasons but commonly because people feel ‘out of control’ with eating or like they have to change their bodies so need help achieving this. Examples of such influencers are meal plans, calorie trackers, articles and videos, clever marketing of food products and many more.


Online tools (e.g. meal planners, weight loss tools) are some of the worst. One shocking example of how bad some of these tools are is when I tested out NOOM which is an online weight loss plan helping people to ‘Lose Weight for Good’. I wanted to see whether online tools that are ‘supposed’ to help make people healthier would have safe-guards in to keep people’s goals realistic.


Clearly this one DID NOT as I was able to get it to make me a plan so that I could end up with a BMI of 7.3 (WTF). DO NOT TRUST THESE SITES – they don’t know you, what you like and dislike, how busy your life is, how much money you have to spend on food etc. And clearly they don’t know anything about healthy relationships with food or bodies.

Basically my point is that there are a heap of variables in our day to day lives that try to tempt us to eat when we’re not hungry, convince us that we need to eat less to be ‘worthy’ or mislead us into unnecessary diets that don’t fit with our lifestyles. Although external eating has its place and can still lead to satisfying enjoyable eating, it’s important to be aware of the pulls for our attention when it comes to food and to say no or yes when it’s right.

Enjoy eating food. Not too much, not too little. Mostly what satisfies you” – Michael Pollan in In Defense of Food: An Eating Manifesto, adapted by Tribole and Resch in Intuitive Eating.

For the keen readers and evidence checkers amongst you

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What’s going on inside Bare Faced Aesthetics…?

So, some of you may have heard the announcement that I have decided to open my own Aesthetic skin clinic! This has been a long term dream of mine and I wanted to share with my loyal skin & shitters what I will be offering.

I came up with the name because I think it speaks for itself, I want to give people confidence in their natural skin so they can say with pride that they are a #barefacedbeauty my goal is to give people the best skin of their life and here’s how I plan to do it…

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RE-POST: The Morality of Food

Angels and Devils

When deciding what to eat day to day do you choose the foods that you love, that give you the most enjoyment and satisfaction? Or do you see your favourite foods yet deprive yourself? Have foods become divided in your mind into go and stop, fake and real, right and wrong?

For many people foods have become just this; firmly placed into separate camps that either welcome and nourish or tempt and erode health. However, as I’ve touched upon in previous posts (see the dangers of dichotomising food) there is absolutely no need to draw these distinctions and place morality and emotions onto our food. So why is this something that we see every day?

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RE-POST: Mineral make up, what’s it all about and do we really need to use it?

assorted blur close up container
Photo by Anderson Guerra on Pexels.com

Make up is such a wonderful thing, I hear some women complain about it being another thing forced upon us by the patriarchy, but I feel lucky that when I’m hungover and looking like death, it’s socially acceptable for me to stick on concealer or mascara and look half human again!

I spend a lot of time, effort and money on my skin, so isn’t it reversing this hard work when I wear make-up?

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