What’s in Zoe’s skincare regime?

As a representative of a skin health brand and an advocate of cosmeceutical skincare products, I’m asked regularly what I use on my skin. This week I’m going to let you delve into my skincare bag and see what my favourite products are to keep my skin looking fresh, healthy and glowing!

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Top tips to get the ‘Spring’ back into your skin!

The title for this blog is cheesy I know, but I bet it put a little smile on your face! As I set out in the mornings for a long day on the road, I am beginning to feel comforted by the sun rising ever earlier. Spring is just around the corner bringing an end to our cold, dark winter! Along with the little lambs in the fields and blooms of flowers comes a strange time for our skin. Most people will have suffered with dryness and often sensitivity during the winter months thanks to the cold weather and constant heating. This week’s post is my top tips on what you can be doing at home to get some new life back into your skin!

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Supplements for skin health, do we really need em?


So, seeing as together we have pretty good knowledge of both skin health and nutrition for health we thought we’d combine our expertise in this post. So if you’ve ever wondered what effect what you put in your mouth has on your skin health and appearance, look no further!

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Free Radicals & Antioxidants explained!


Some of you may have heard this terminology, some of you may have not. When I’m in skincare consultations I try to educate my clients as much as possible, I believe that knowledge is power and if my clients understand why I’m recommending a treatment or product they will trust my judgement more than just accepting what I suggest. Free Radicals and Antioxidants can be a bit of a grey area however. It’s quite difficult to explain without getting too technical and I can sometimes see my clients start to glaze over so I thought I’d write this post to try to explain it without the jargon!

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