Why combination treatments are necessary for long term results!

If I had a penny for every time a client came in for my professional advice and then asked ‘what 1 thing should I have’ out of treatment plan I’d proposed, I would be on a beach in Barbados right now!

This months post is about combination treatments, why they are important and why they are necessary for safe practice and long term treatment results.

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Medical needling, what to look for and what to expect!

Hello Skin and Shitters, it feels like such a long time since my last post and when I was thinking about what to write about, I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t already written a post on medical needling/micro needling/collagen induction therapy (honestly why does one treatment need so many names?)

There has been backlash against certain medical needling devices in the last few months as many devices were scrutinised for not being sanitary, due to the blood caused by the treatment being sucked back into the device!

This latest blog post is about what to expect with a medical needling treatment and what you should be looking out for should you wish to have the treatment.

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