The dangers of dichotomising food


This might seem a tad controversial to some, especially coming from a nutritionist, but I’m going to say it… ALL foods have a place in our diet, that’s right all of them. The World Health Organisation defines health as not just being free of disease but being in a state of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing – this, to me, is a really powerful statement and opens up the argument of what health really means.

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4. Choose Fairtrade products (when and if you can!)


When Fairtrade first started to creep into my consciousness (mostly from my amazing mum who has been shouting the good cause since we were kids) it was just another picture on a chocolate wrapper to ignore. But as my interest in where food comes from, sustainability and general interest in trying to be a better person grew I wanted to understand more about what it actually means. Hopefully this post will allow me to share some of what I’ve learnt, mostly through being a coffee and chocolate junkie!

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Let’s talk about shit


So, I thought I should actually write a post about shit, since it is in the name of our blog. When thinking about what to write about in relation to actual shit, as opposed to the shit I’m usually waffling about, I decided to take some inspiration from my bathroom. I will admit that I have been obsessed with the way my poop looks since a close friend introduced me to the Bristol Stool Chart a few years ago. So now a copy permanently resides in my bathroom and my boyfriend and I regularly throw numbers at each other after time spent alone in there.

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3. Regional and seasonal products


A handful of big businesses dictate the production, distribution and marketing of most of the food we eat. This current food system allows 1 billion people to go hungry every day, at huge cost to the environment. That just doesn’t make good sense to me, so what can we do to fight back against this?

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Diets don’t work. Deal with it.


If you look up the word ‘diet’ in the Oxford English dictionary you get different definitions, two of which are below:

Noun: “the kinds of food that a person, or animal, habitually eat”

Verb: “to restrict oneself to small amounts or special kinds of food, in order to lose weight.”

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2. Organic foods


The organic movement is believed to have been founded by the Botanist Sir Albert Howard, along with a few others, when he brought back from India methods for ‘natural agriculture’ which he began to implement in the UK. This involved adapting traditional farming methods to develop efficient methods of crop rotation, erosion prevention and use of compost.

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1b. Plant-based food preference – from an environmental perspective


How often do you consider where the food in your shopping trolley comes from? How it began life? Where and by whom it was nurtured and the journey it then took to end up in a supermarket, corner shop or market place and from there into your belly? This is what I challenge you to try and do more of, to get curious about your food and treat every item you buy with the care and thoughtfulness you’d give to… oh I don’t know, choosing somewhere to live? I have a feeling that if we all took the time to invite more thought into what we buy and how much, our diets would naturally become more ‘sustainable’ and world-friendly.

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Meditation is fucking hard…


Sitting down in a not so comfortable position for an extended period of time and calmly focusing on your breath, all while emptying your mind of the stressful and chaotic shit we deal with on a daily basis is no walk in park. I’m a thinker, that’s what I do, I think and often overthink (maybe I should rethink that sentence..? Nah, fuck it). Sometimes I have productive thoughts but more often than not, they’re shitty. They usually catch me by surprise, sneaking up on me while I’m in bed struggling to fall asleep, at school attempting to get work done or when  trying to be present and in the moment with the people that I love.

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Why making fermented foods could be your next culinary hobby…


In 2014 at a self-proclaimed hippy festival in New Zealand I had my first taste of raw, fermented sauerkraut, followed by a masterclass in making your own. Not overly impressed with the taste at the time it was the science involved, scope for culinary creativity and simplicity of the preparation that won me over and sowed that fermented cabbage-shaped seed in my mind.

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‘Super’ (fucking not) food


This is one topic that I absolutely need to have a great big rant about. I don’t know exactly when it happened but somehow this word has become commonplace in everyday life, in adverts and written brazenly on packing of so many foods. Bandied around as if it made the most clear sense of all health statements, backed by the most solid evidence base.

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