Why combination treatments are necessary for long term results!

If I had a penny for every time a client came in for my professional advice and then asked ‘what 1 thing should I have’ out of treatment plan I’d proposed, I would be on a beach in Barbados right now!

This months post is about combination treatments, why they are important and why they are necessary for safe practice and long term treatment results.

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Medical needling, what to look for and what to expect!

Hello Skin and Shitters, it feels like such a long time since my last post and when I was thinking about what to write about, I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t already written a post on medical needling/micro needling/collagen induction therapy (honestly why does one treatment need so many names?)

There has been backlash against certain medical needling devices in the last few months as many devices were scrutinised for not being sanitary, due to the blood caused by the treatment being sucked back into the device!

This latest blog post is about what to expect with a medical needling treatment and what you should be looking out for should you wish to have the treatment.

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Everything you need to know about your lymphatic system and why it’s important!

As part of consultations in my clinic, my goal is to educate my clients so they understand how and why the treatments I perform on them will benefit their skin.

My most popular treatment is HydraFacial, a 6 in 1 medical grade facial. The 6 stages of HydraFacial include; Lymphatic drainage, deep cleanse & exfoliation, light glycolic peel, extractions, hydration infusion & LED light therapy.

What I have discovered from doing so many of these consultations is that most people don’t know anything about their lymphatic system, which has an incredibly important role in our bodies. This week’s post is all about the lymphatic system, the health impacts from it not working properly and how to speed it up!

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What’s going on inside Bare Faced Aesthetics…?

So, some of you may have heard the announcement that I have decided to open my own Aesthetic skin clinic! This has been a long term dream of mine and I wanted to share with my loyal skin & shitters what I will be offering.

I came up with the name because I think it speaks for itself, I want to give people confidence in their natural skin so they can say with pride that they are a #barefacedbeauty my goal is to give people the best skin of their life and here’s how I plan to do it…

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RE-POST: Mineral make up, what’s it all about and do we really need to use it?

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Photo by Anderson Guerra on Pexels.com

Make up is such a wonderful thing, I hear some women complain about it being another thing forced upon us by the patriarchy, but I feel lucky that when I’m hungover and looking like death, it’s socially acceptable for me to stick on concealer or mascara and look half human again!

I spend a lot of time, effort and money on my skin, so isn’t it reversing this hard work when I wear make-up?

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RE-POST: Why your moisturiser could be damaging your skin!

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Whenever I would say this to my clients they would always look at me shocked and tell me ‘I’ve been told to cleanse, tone & moisturise for my entire life!’ From an early age we’re constantly taught to moisturise our skin to stop it drying out, but this actually is doing more damage than good.

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Confessions of an Aesthetican

I have done countless consultations and treatments in my time as an Aesthetician, but not many people really understand what therapists do and see on a daily basis. This week I thought it would be fun to do something a little different and get some things off my chest as I confess shocking stories and gross fascinations, try not to judge me…

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What’s in Zoe’s skincare regime?

As a representative of a skin health brand and an advocate of cosmeceutical skincare products, I’m asked regularly what I use on my skin. This week I’m going to let you delve into my skincare bag and see what my favourite products are to keep my skin looking fresh, healthy and glowing!

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Top tips to get the ‘Spring’ back into your skin!

The title for this blog is cheesy I know, but I bet it put a little smile on your face! As I set out in the mornings for a long day on the road, I am beginning to feel comforted by the sun rising ever earlier. Spring is just around the corner bringing an end to our cold, dark winter! Along with the little lambs in the fields and blooms of flowers comes a strange time for our skin. Most people will have suffered with dryness and often sensitivity during the winter months thanks to the cold weather and constant heating. This week’s post is my top tips on what you can be doing at home to get some new life back into your skin!

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Raynaud’s Awareness Month – what it is and what can be done!


So some of you (probably most of you!) might not be aware that February is Raynaud’s awareness month in the UK. Never heard of it? Well look no further as I take a dive into this surprisingly common disorder that affects 1 in 6 people in the UK, most of these being women, including myself (Madi).

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