Mineral make up, what’s it all about and do we really need to use it?

Make up is such a wonderful thing, I hear some women complain about it being another thing forced upon us by the patriarchy, but I feel lucky that when I’m hungover and looking like death, it’s socially acceptable for me to stick on concealer or mascara and look half human again!

I spend a lot of time, effort and money on my skin, so isn’t it reversing this hard work when I wear make-up?

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HydraFacial – From a practitioner, patient & reps experience!

HydraFacial holds a special place in my heart as it was the first treatment I ever trained in when I started my career as an Aesthetician. In the last 7 years I have done thousands of HydraFacial’s and still love performing them to this day. It’s funny how life turns out, this treatment was my first step into the world of aesthetics and now I work for the company, helping clinics to run events to launch the facial all over the UK and Ireland!

This may lead you to think that I will be biased but please don’t, nobody’s paying me or has asked me to write this blog post. I am doing it of my own accord and love for the treatment that I have seen help many people, including myself, to have healthy, radiant looking skin. Here’s how it works…

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So you don’t have time for a skincare regime?

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If I had a pound for every time somebody has told me that they don’t have time to do a skincare regime, I would be buying a new Michael Kors handbag right now! I thought it would be fun to time my skincare regime everyday for a week to find out how much of my day is spent on my face. I then decided it would be even more fun to look at how this relates to other things that most  people do in an average day, to show once and that you most certainly do have time to care for your skin!

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