Obesity & Cancer – let’s get this straight shall we?


You might have been lead to believe by recent Cancer Research UK (CRUK) campaigns and from other equally reputable (and some probably less so) sources that we now have concrete evidence that being obese (in and of itself) is a cause of cancer; the way that we’re sure that smoking is. This though, is not a fact. Cancer is such an emotive topic and the causes, treatment and life-changing effects it can have are vastly complicated. But to link obesity and smoking together as equal causes of cancer is just wrong. Read more for why and what CRUK could have done better.

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My colon cleansing experience – taking skin & shit to a whole new meaning!

I feel like I have to point out that Madi was mortified when I told her that I had this treatment done, but it is something that I’ve always been interested in trying. I’m a huge advocate for gut health after feeling the difference that probiotics made to my bloating, discomfort and inability to poop regularly. It was a happy coincidence that when I popped into a clinic for information, I just happened to get talking to Joanne Wilcox who is a specialist in this procedure and had a slot free there and then! This week’s post is about what colon cleansing can benefit and my experience, which contains photos and videos so please be prepared!

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