Fungal nail infection, gross right! Well did you know you can get rid of it?…


Fungal nail infections affect between 3-12% of the population. A lot of people will suffer in silence and just ignore it, commonly because it’s not widely known that it can be treated, however there are in fact many treatments available! This week’s blog is about getting under the skin of this infection and giving treatment options for healthy, strong, fungal free nails!

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Pigmentation – The facts!


Pigmentation is by far the hardest condition that I’m faced with treating. The main reasons for this are lack of understanding, unrealistic expectations and an unwillingness to follow homecare advice. As an experienced practitioner, I take a lot of time to sit with my clients and educate them on the reasons for their pigmentation and the best treatment options.

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How to rejuvenate your eyes without surgery!

The eyes are one of the hardest areas of the face to treat. They are a huge concern for people of all ages whether it be dark circles, puffiness or crow’s feet, it is an area that my clients regularly flag up and want advice on. We tend to abuse our eye area regularly with lots of make-up, yet we spend less time cleansing and exfoliating the area due to the skin being thinner in these areas. The skin around the eyes is 10 times thinner than any other area on the body, so you’re right to not go too crazy exfoliating it. However, one of the reasons we tend to age faster in these areas is that we don’t look after it as well!

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Oily & acne prone skin…The best approach for every severity!


The beauty market place is saturated with lotions, potions and treatments that promise to banish spots, reduce oil production, eradicate scarring & leave your skin blemish free and flawless. It can be very hard to know who to trust, especially if you’ve tried products or procedures in the past that haven’t lived up to your expectations.

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